Fantasy Scrabble & Roasted Marshmallows

This “Be A Guest Host on Turner Classic Movies” would be awesome, but not open to Canadians like me. Also, have you heard about this TV series coming up, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles?” Weird.

So CampyCon was a lot colder than last time! Next time, we try July or August I think! My mantra of “no bears” was not successful, for not only did we see a black bear on our drive up the mountain, but there was in fact bear prints and scat in our camp! Oh dear.
We got the same campground as last year
but there was so much snow on the ground that we couldn’t pitch our tents in the nice area that we used last time:


But we found an alternative and set them up.


Sadly, due to last-minute tragedy Geisel had to cancel, and Messel didn’t make it up either, but we had Joseph to fill in.


On the first night we had some BBQ and played Fantasy Scrabble! The rules of Fantasy Scrabble are simple. 1. Do not talk about Fantasy Scrabble (to jocks). 2 Rules are the same as regular Scrabble but any word you can shoehorn into a fantastical setting are worth double points.
Ours was a very difficult board, I wanted to see a lot more ‘swords’ and ‘gandalfs’ and ‘xorns’ but oh well.

After that I ran some Spaceship Zero – the “Asteroid X” adventure which was fun but we were getting sleepy and distracted. Luckily I got in a lot of marshmallow roasting – I loved it! When will they make Splenda marshmallows? We went to bed after 1:30am and I worried about bears in my sleep, and the birds woke me at 5:30 am because I’d left my earplugs in the ‘house.’ But I perservered and we all got up another 5 hours later, had a very sausagy breakfast and played some Magic: The Gathering.


Apres that, Jason fled and the rest of us went on a hike. A long hike. A long, arduous hike through the snow, and I was still way overdressed. But it was lots of fun and we found a weird empty cabin and a collapsed outhouse (hopefully before it was used but we didn’t check).


We went through character generation for GURPS Goblins and it was more arduous than the hike, (I don’t think GURPS will ever be my system of choice) but when we finally got to playing it was lots of fun, and we all spoke with East London accents. Through no fault of Geoff’s I started to fall asleep during the game, but we managed to wrap it up and hit the tents, and Joseph gave me a +1 Blanket of Sleeping.

The four of us had to pack into Simon’s car with all our gear, with comical results.


Huzzah, CampyCon!