I Wish I Had Taken A Photo of the Garter Snake

Four Photos from my hike up The Chief with Joyce ‘n’ co.

This is The Chief. It’s on the way to Squamish.

Going up is tiring

toastcrevasse.jpg Joyce enjoys crack.

At the windy peak you can see Squamish in the background.

2 Replies to “I Wish I Had Taken A Photo of the Garter Snake”

  1. I did this last summer. Enjoyed it a lot. It’s one of the easier uphill hikes in the area. If you like hikes that end in views, do Black Mountain in Cypress, tho don’t go to peak, instead when the option is presented, peak or no peak, head on onward to Eagle’s Bluff. Great views of Bowen and the Strait.

    And if you like hiking and camping, then pack it up to Garibaldi for a weekend. Extremely gorgeous lake (due to it being glacial fed and the particulate matter that hangs in the water, giving it a deep turquoise colour in the sun), from Garibaldi Lake, the next day, you can make the climb up to Black Tusk.

    So don’t worry about the marshmallows. If you can get in a tonne of hiking this summer, it will all even itself out. Hell, the hiking might actually put you in the plus column as the summer fades into fall and winter.

  2. i never thought i’d see the day where you hiked up the chief. but there it is. welcome to the world of physical activity toren.

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