My Brain Hurts!

I had a terrible migraine yesterday. For some reason, my migraines seem to come with some regularity – in between the 27th of the month and the 7th of the next. I’m positive is meaningless coincidence, but it’s been interesting to track them and I will continue to do so. What there does not seem to be is any kind of strength predictability. Sometimes I will get my aura which precedes the migraine, and the headache itself can be practically shrugged off. Other times, like yesterday, it will be completely debilitating, I have to leave work, I’ll climb into bed for five hours and keep a bucket nearby just in case I have to throw up (I didn’t yesterday). When my migraines were years apart I wasn’t too worried about them, but I think I’ll head down to the doctorb (the ‘b’ is for ‘bargain’) this week and see if he can prescribe me something*, because for all the good the Extra Strength Tylenol Ultra for Headaches and Migraines did me, I could have shoved them up my ass.

*plus I can get my passport photos signed!