Movies of 2006

That I saw:

Silent Hill
Snakes on a Plane
Art School Confidential
Nacho Libre
Curse of the Golden Flower
Clerks II
The Departed
For Your Consideration
Miami Vice
Inside Man
Superman Returns
X-Men: The Last Stand
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Sophie Scholl
Thank You for Smoking
The Illusionist
An Inconvenient Truth
Little Miss Sunshine
Deep Sea 3D
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

The Queen
World’s Fastest Indian
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Why We Fight
Casino Royale
Last King of Scotland
Children of Men
Pan’s Labyrinth
Manufactured Landscapes
Letters from Iwo Jima
Jesus Camp
Stranger Than Fiction

2 Replies to “Movies of 2006”

  1. Toren, Pan’s Labrinth was most excellent. You should try to catch it when it hits DVD if at all possible. I have Jesus Camp in my Netflix queue. I’m a sucker for a good documentary.

    Peace out.

  2. i wouldn’t really recommend Pirates 2. i wasn’t impressed.

    i would recommend Vover, Casino Royale, Last King of Scotland & Pan’s Labyrinth

    you milage may vary on Stranger Than Fiction

    i haven’t seen the other movies listed under the Missed/Missing category so i can’t comment on those.

    one film you don’t list but one i would recommend is ‘This Film Is Not Yet Rated’, especially to Dave who likes documentaries. it is done in the same vein as ‘Super Size Me’ and is quite good.

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