Dear Kelly and Paul.

You got robbed! I got robbed once and it is one of the worst feelings in the whole world. I hate thievery SO MUCH! Now you are short a computer, and let’s not forget that bowl of change. How will you do your laundry? And now you can’t afford to go to your chocolate seminar in Chicago. But by my greasy beard I do vow to pitch in and do some good! Kelly, you’ve got your Bad Girl Chocolates business. And Christmas is coming up and people are going to need their chocolates. So I tell you what – I will buy $20 worth of stuff from you – anything you got that you want to get rid of, whether it be stuff that’s not selling or you made too much of or a batch that came out only 99% perfect or whatever. I hear you’ll be at the Heritage Hall on Main & E 15th on all the weekends leading up to Christmas! So I will buy some and eat it, and pass some on to all the chocolate lovers I know, like Joyce’s co-workers for example! And if you give me some business cards I’ll pass them around. Tis the season to counteract the robbery woes!

2 Replies to “Robbers!”

  1. There may be ways to locate the stolen laptop, though it’ll involve running through hoops. If it’s not password protected and has any software that automatically connects to the Internet (such as instant messengers) you might be able to ask the IM provider what IP addresses are logging on. If you get the police involved and give them that information they can go to whatever ISP provides that and get a house address.

    That’s if the thief is stupid, and Kell & Paul get lucky…

    However my #1 suggestion is to go online and change your passwords for EVERYTHING. Not just the obvious ones like online banking, but your IM programs, your email, forums you’re a member of. Everything you possibly can.

  2. Very good tips Puck!

    And the Chocolate buying spree is a great idea Toren. I have a bunch of staff that live on chocolate and are all Bad Girls, so I think there maybe the spark of an idea for Christmas presents! đŸ™‚

    Heritage Hall you say? Hmmmmmm….

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