Bad Snow! Bad!

All this snow is really wreaking havoc with the Thickets schedule. We were supposed to have 4 practices before our recording date on the 9th, but so far 2 have been cancelled due to weather. Thinking about the possibility that I can’t get out and back on the upcoming Sunday and Tuesday brings dark fear into my fleshy heart. There is still more work to do before we hit the record button. My brother, who lives on a mountain in Chilliwack, is snowed in. Don’t tell my mom, but his pipes are frozen so he’s got no water and his truck won’t start. Even if it did getting up and down the mountain is a precarious venture.

Snow is a pain in the arse, but it is pretty.


The trees aren’t used to the weight of snow! Watch your head.

Skis in the park


This tree was full of robins enjoying berry snow cones.

Wow! Look at the huge snow drift on that building!


A few hours before I realized I have another cold.

2 Replies to “Bad Snow! Bad!”

  1. Sooo, was the BC place picture with the ‘snowdrift’ caption just one of those things you do to weed out those readers not in the know?

    You are a bad man. Bad Toren, stay on the paper!

  2. Hey Toren, I added an “overflow: hidden” rule to your blog so big photos won’t make it look all wonky.

    They’ll just get cropped off on the right.

    If you want to post big photos, post the thumbnails and make them link to the bigger ones!

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