Combs Grass in the City

Slackademics: Comicology 101 went over bright and beautiful tonight. Martin gave a bit of a talk on the social origins and development of American comics which sparked some intriguing discussion. There was lots of food (including some kickass salad with cranberries and some kind of delicious cheese and fresh baked cookies) and probably about 15 people all together…many comics were traded and I now am the proud owner of many The Tick comics which I never thought I’d have the opportunity to own. The hightlight for me is absolutely this page out of a MIGHTY SAMSON comic (I can’t even begin to describe this comic), which I absolutely will be putting on a t-shirt come Thursday. Anybody else want one? I mean LOOK AT THIS PAGE! How can you not fall in love with it? Resplendent.

(updated with link to Mighty Samson toonpedia entry)

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  1. Lower right corner. I went to UVic. That is so true. You walk the streets there knowing you’re at risk of being attacked, mauled and groomed.

  2. I sooooo want a t-shirt too! This is amazing and kids are still being just as creative today. My niece does stuff just like this(walking pizza slice monster, etc.) and they are a hoot!

  3. The night WAS really neat (even if I didn’t know about half the stuff everyone was talking about…) I thought Martin’s lecture was very succinct and reminded me of why I like these things, called, comics.

    And, I certainly do want that t-shirt. I think I’m in love with A WHICH-WHAT-WHO. Large please. Thanks Toren.


    P.S. Remember to look at photos of axolotls.
    There’s also a short story by Cortezar about them I recommend.
    He goes to an aquarium, falls in love with the axololts, and then
    somehow becomes one of them.

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