5 Replies to “Very Special Thanks to Tay-Tay”

  1. The concert was amazing. I brought with me a Thicket virgin who agreed that it was an excellent show. The sound was superb and Toren appropriately thanked the sound guy for his work. The new songs rocked the house!! The song writing and singing on the new songs have surpassed anything that came before them. The set list was a good balance from all the Thicket eras!

    Can’t wait for the new CD and the CD release concert!

  2. Done! It should automatically make any link to an image into a lightbox link. However, if it doesn’t, or if you want it to do the “prev/next” thing on a group of images you’re going to have to add some stuff to the HTML.

    First, upload your images and then add then to the post. Make sure that “Use Thumbnail” and “Linked” are turned on. In the post editor there’s an “HTML” button, click that. Then you’ll see the raw HTML code for that post. In the “a href” tag, add the following:


    to each of the links for each image in the post. Change “groupid” to some text for that group of photos. The lightbox will then allow visitors to browse through the prev/next links through each photo with the same ID (on that page).

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