Assorted Bits

Here’s some hot news I discovered while trying to find something to eat at the Greyhound depot:

McDonald’s jr chicken burger = 390 calories
Mars Bar = 234 calories

So my character in Call of Cthulhu was horribly horribly killed last Sunday. My history of CoC characters going out in cool ways is pretty good. He didn’t just fall off a cliff or get shot in the chest or something. This guy, and Indian manservant, was stabbed and beaten by cultists, and then flung into a pit with a hideous, wailing abomination against nature which proceeded to take hundreds of tiny bites out of him while simultaneously crushing him. All the while protecting his unconscious master (and saving him from the same gruesome fate). My character from a previous campaign also more or less sacrificed himself to save the world, by forcing his compatriot to shoot him in the head. Yay!

Yesterday we (the Thickets) recorded via a more or less proper computerized electronical recording system a bunch of the new songs so that we can review them before we actually go into the studio in December. We also decided that one of the songs will be left entirely a capella – by me. It wasn’t my decision, I was against it, but they talked me into it and since time is a factor it may actually be a boon to the rest of the songs. Hopefully it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. If it sticks out like a massaged and energized thumb then that’s okay.


photo by Amanda Seminoff

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