In Case You Missed It

Below is the set we played on Saturday. I forgot to mention that the sound was amazing. Johnny did a fantastic job. Damn near perfect from where I stood.

(We’re Gonna) Kill the Chupacabra (Tonight)
Shoggoths Away
Burrow Your Way to My Heart
A Marine Biologist
The Math Song
Dies Ist Unverschamtheit
Downtown (In the Cenozoic)
20 Minutes of Oxygen
Sleestak and Yeti
Big Robot Dinosaur
They Come In Threes (Garett’s favourite – and my melodica solo was well received)
The Chosen One
Hall of Doors
Colour Me Green
Truth Hits Everybody

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  1. I had a ticket, honest! It sounds like a sweet show Toren and I’m all pouty faced I had to miss it. The venue is solid, I’ve been there before and always like it.

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