Tentacles, the Greek God of Suckers

My dad wants to know the best way (or even a way) to record from vinyl to CD. Thoughts?

As an added bonus, you can watch the entire “The Collect Call of Cathulhu” episode of Real Ghostbusters online right here. Oh and The Octopus News Magazine Online released their latest octopodcast–this one a little different than their usual fare, as it’s all-Cthulhu and includes “The Innsmouth Look” by a certain Lovecraftian band.

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  1. There’s usually issues with feedback, so grounding the record player isn’t a bad idea. There are a handful of widgets on the market that acts as all-in-one bridges between a player and a PC USB port – prices vary.

    And just the other day I saw that someone sells a PC turntable, but at $130US, it’s probably not useful unless your dad is looking to rip a whole lot of records.

    Hell, if we could find clean power in our apartment, we could do it – I have a turntable, you have a mixer and fancy PC recording set up. Dot dot Dot…

  2. Grounding…as in putting little rubber boots on it?

    Now from the line in – is there a basic recording program that comes on an average Windows o/s that would record it as a wav? or straight to mp3?

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