I Am Galstaff, Sorcerer of Light!

What’s new? Well this is my first week without work. Very exciting. Today I played badminton with Sheri & Stephane and worked on my Samurai technique. I’ve finally written up a “to do” list to make this being on my own recognizance, work-wise, stay afloat. All the things I’ve been putting off for–yes I’ll say it–years will get done in the next couple of months. By Odin’s beard, I swear it. Starting with eBaying a bunch of things that have been piling up, like old Crypt of Cthulhu zines. Also, here comes another Mutants & Masterminds/Power Enterprise character I drew up. His name is Brimstone and he’s got a good gimmick. He looks like a whacky D&D character, and what’s more – he acts like one. In the Power Enterprise universe, there is no magic, but Brimstone is very showy about making arcane gestures and shouting impressive incantations to make his powers work, which involve summoning up demons and rust monsters and casting Obscuring Mist and so forth. Truth is, he’s a very powerful illusionist.


In the drawing, I made his outfit way too conservative. I wanted him to come across as a sort of Todd McFarlane demonic action figure, but still staying true to the tenets of classic D&D design. He is basically a young nerd who gets a kick out of using his powers to freak people out (and steal things). Yeah, he’s a bad guy in case you couldn’t tell.

4 Replies to “I Am Galstaff, Sorcerer of Light!”

  1. I like him, particularly the one-horn thing. If you wanted, you could give him big flared boots and a huge high collar a-la Jeff Dee D&D art from the late 70s and early 80s.

  2. Good call, Monte. By the way, the one horn thing was an homage to Venger, in case you didn’t catch it.

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