5 Replies to “The Main Thing That They Do Is To Rock My Socks Off”

  1. Thanks for sharing, dude – I LOVE these guys! Did you see the video for “Tribute”, a tribute to the greatest song ever written, which they can’t remember but wish youhad been there to hear? If not, I will link you there… right here!

  2. I hope this doesn’t irk you, but I would love to offer you my beautiful Tenacious D player right here, right now. Because I love them. And you.

  3. Tenacious D player?
    What’s that?

    I have the DVD set with all the videos, skits, and the live show.

  4. It’s my YouTube collection of Tenacious D stuff. It is an imbedded flash player in my myspace page, but you can use one just about anywhere. God bless YouTube!

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