Introducing My Dad

This is my dad, Alfred George Atkinson, moustache enthusiast. His hobbies include(d) playing the drums in the Canadian Armed Forces, a Fred Flintstone-like penchant for get rich quick schemes, particularly involving old jalopies and raising beefalo, and a British devotion to holding down chairs in the pub.

I think he chose the perfect time to be in the army. I mean what was Canada doing with guns between 1970 and 2000? Not much.


…………..He was the oldest of five kids.

toastgrandmas kids.jpg

He enjoyed walking around the house with no clothes on.


Mom, feel free to fill in some blanks. I’m sure everyone is curious about how you met and what my life was like before I started blogging.

3 Replies to “Introducing My Dad”

  1. When I stop laughing, maybe I can think. Superimpose your own face over that, and I think it matches, minus the mustache, add blue hair.
    the last picture is taken at Green Lake, where we had that lovely house on the lake, lucky us, for 10 years I think, remember the little yellow rowboat? A beautiful spot, and we were going to retire there, but it’s too cold in the winter, and it’s about 50 miles to town, a little far to walk or ride my bike.
    Grandma and Grandpa’s house isn’t there anymore down the road because Uncle Harry burned it down, or should I say, it burned down when he was living in it, and he was away when it happened. After that, he got a loan on the property, and the person took the property instead of the unpaid loan, so that was the end of that. No more Green Lake House and property for Grandma and Grandpa. We were a little more fortunate, in that we sold the house we had, and not just once, but twice, since we had to reposesess it from more non-paying buyers. Anyway, lots of good memories, you have more pictures that you scoffed from the albums, my fav is the one of the 4 cousins, you and M, Kerri Ann and Kevin. That’s enough for now.

  2. Funny… my dad was in the Navy and he is a self-proclaimed nudist, though he always kept his clothes on while his 2 girls were living at home. Wonder if the military contributes to the urge to walk around nude.

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