Pirahna on a Motorcycle AKA "Time is Tissue"

NO! Snakes on a Plane! Oh heavens, what an experience! Good? Bad? I’ll never tell, but it’s an experience. Mukesh (of The Rio Theater fame) emailed me to give me 2 free passes to see Snakes on a Plane and since Stewie was closest to me at the time (in proximity and my heart) I brought him along. Mukesh also treated me to free concession. I think he wants me to get a job there, and it’s one that I would seriously consider (tip: the first few rows in the balcony are closer together than any other seats in the joint). Best thing to happen in Cinema in Vancouver since The Blinding Light (now closed). So yeah, Snakes on a Plane (or SOAP for short) has everything you would expect in a movie of that title. I saw too many people that I know there. People brought toy snakes and paper airplanes to the theater and it was like Rocky Horror. Someone even brought a real constrictor and many photo ops were had (the poor thing). The staff were all wearing airline uniforms. Whenever someone on screen was walking around with a flashlight, people in the audience would shine their beams on the walls and ceilings. Not herpetologically sound, but pretty hilarious.

Secondly: I signed a contract today for a children’s book.

Thirdly: You know my feelings about statistics, but check out this graph that illustrates a study on people’s attitudes towards the “theory” of evolution. Note that USA is on the bottom. I’ll see you in Iceland.


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  1. Excellent news on the book deal, good stuff!

    Also, need to chat with you on some wacky ideas and want your feed back. Maybe next week.

  2. man, banks beat me to the “Where’s canada?” issue. I don’t know who they are asking (buncha backwoods bible-beaters?)- I know no one asked ME what I thought. Congrats on the book – I presume there’s no Cthulu mythos involved (a pity) but would love to see the finished work. Now you have piqued my curiosity about SOAP. I have a feeling it is going to be really really cheesy and not fun, but I hadn’t thought of bringing props. Hmmm… if only there were a great theater here like there is there…

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