Main Street: A History of Things Working Out Fine

This week I picked up a whole slough (slew?) of Powers (vol 3-6, I already had 1 & 2) graphic novels at Pulp Fiction. RX Comics (also on Main St) sells graphic novels (and new comics) at the price in Canadian that it says on the book in US (So, if the book is listed at $19 Cdn and $13 US, you pay $13 Cdn) which is usually a really good deal, but the price at Pulp was even better, so I scooped them up, bringing in bags full of books every day hoping that the Powers GNs would still be there – and they were. RX is a decent comic store, if cluttered, but they have the annoying habit of having Chatty Jacks blocking the “counter” and they don’t generate proper receipts (if I’m going to create a comic book, you can bet your mutie genes that I’ll be writing these off).

6 Replies to “Main Street: A History of Things Working Out Fine”

  1. Yeah, I’ve never really wanted to shop in that comic store – it just doesn’t draw one in. They do get good points for being near Vancouver’s best used bookstore, Pulpfiction Books.

  2. While on the surface the store looks like the classic stereotype of a comic shop, it’s actually well organized. It’s just really packed with stuff. And they will go out of their way to bring stuff in for you. I’ll take RX over something like Golden Age or The Comic Shop. RX, Elfsar, and Imperial… the holy trinity of Vancouver comic shops.

  3. Better than THE Comicshop? I disagree on all counts except the DIScounts.

    Golden Age, however, I have vowed not to do anything but browse in.

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