Album Spoilers

Take note, Warren Banks, we had a wee band meeting yesterday and here’s what’s up.

If Merrick’s up to it, we may book a sequence of 1-3 shows end of September or October to finance rental of practice space. We may try to record “bed tracks” (at the very least) for 6-8 songs in, say, November. Likely candidates include Sleestak & Yeti, A Marine Biologist, Kill the Chupacabra Tonight, Downtown, Hall of Doors, and Shhh….

All plans subject to change without prior notice.

I briefly went through with the kids the narrative for the Shadow Out of Tim theme that I want to have for some of the songs on the album. (as follows)

Prologue: “A Marine Biologist” – introducing Dr. T.S. Peaslie, a marine biologist who studies architeuthis dux, the giant squid.

Chapter One: “The Shadow Out of Tim” – our good doctor lapses into a second, alien personality, and goes on a mysterious 3 month expedition on his research vessel.

Chapter Two: Back to the his regular self some time later, Dr P tries to piece together clues of what happened, and reconcile with friends and family. Song to be determined.

Chapter Three: The terrible dreams of being trapped in a Yithian body in the primordial jungles of Australia, interrogated by other Yithians using weird musical instruments, begin to haunt the doctor. Song to be determined, possibly “Bed of Flame (to be renamed)” or “Eaten Alive (to be renamed).”

Chapter Four: Return to Te Taniwha. Dr P retraces the marine journey he took while his body was possessed by the Yithian, and learns that some things man was not meant to know.

Epilogue: “Downtown” – in the Mesozoic age, angiosperm plants evolved along with bees, aphids and grasshoppers. Oviraptors were plentiful. Ammonites and belemnites became extinct. Oh, and dinosaurs too. There was no cross-promotional marketing, focus groups, spam, or commercials of any kind. The Yithians projected their minds off planet.

Standalone songs: Kill the Chupacabra Tonight, Sleestak & Yeti, Shhh… (almost definitely), Hall of Doors/Ode to Nyarlathotep

2 Replies to “Album Spoilers”

  1. Marine biologist! Yithian body! Dream Travels! Talk about cliches, next you’ll have an Ode to Nyarlathotep… Oh, you do. I rest my case!

    –michael (who loves picking on Toren just cuz!)

  2. roger that Toren. read your blog as of now.

    when you get more definite plans, let me know. i’ll need to book a flight and i do not want to come home for nothing.

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