WWFJ The Game

I’ve decided to run a World Wildlife Federation of Justice game at H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party (Aug 25-27). I’m thumbing through my Call of Cthulhu books for a suitable adventure that I can adapt with a minimum of fuss. The characters will be pregenerated (likely Octopussycat, Haardvark, Shaolin Monkey, Crackerjackal, Tasmanian Daredevil, Micronewt, Orangutangler & Baboom) and I’ll have to be careful about overpowering them, but it should be fun. The schedule for the con went up last night, by the way, for you Vancouver gamers, and we hope to have tickets ready for next weekend. www.vancouvergamingguild.com

3 Replies to “WWFJ The Game”

  1. yay! I feel special: my two primates made the cut. Though I still have a place in my heart for Wolfred Brimley – his talents may be too obscure for this game 😉

  2. He looks awesome! I like the Doc-Oc-like mechanical arms as opposed to Mr. Fantastic stretchy-arms. Two opposable thumbs up!

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