Exciting Things Are Afoot

Has anyone else heard of this red paper clip guy? Two days until his housewarming in Kipling, SK. He traded a paper clip for a house. Very inspiring. Also very inspiring is the miniseries “The Long Way Round” with Ewan McGregor and his buddy motorbiking around the world. Stewie got it on DVD and we pretty much watched the entire 5 episode series in a couple days. All reality TV should be so good.

Here’s the master plan for the rest of the month:

This week: Finish my Power Enterprise drawings

Next week: Illustrate Amanda’s digestive system boardgame

Week after: Kid’s book.

Throughout: Thickets album.


ADDENDUM: Photos of real life monsters from the deep sea that are up for awards. Must see!

PLUS: Space is big.

4 Replies to “Exciting Things Are Afoot”

  1. Here’s my thought (of which I have many, and most are crazy);

    The Thickets should contact the town development dude and offer to play the Paper Clip fella’s housewarming party.

    I’m sensing that this thing will be uncommonly insane in size.

    – It’s on a long weekend – no one in the band should be working.
    – It’s in Canada, so no nasty issues of working across a border.
    – Calgary is one day’s drive away from Vancouver. Sask is one day’s drive from Calgary. I know a stop over where the Thickets will be stuffed full of food.
    – High potential for media coverage, especially Canadian media.
    – Unique and reachable location for Canadian fans on either side of Sask to make a cool road-trip to see the Thickets rock out.

    – It’d be a busy weekend.
    – Two month deadline to acquire merch to sell, seeing as…
    – Gig entirely unpaid (though certain things might be swingable, like being able to “camp” without paying arm and a leg.
    – Mode of transportation, particularly one band can crash in for a night or two (remember Calgary stop-over point)
    *** Two months may be enough time to source camper or similar to rent and take on sponsors to help pay for it.

    That’s my crazy thought. There are a lot of pros that could be added, but they’ll take a little bit of leg work to set up and confirm.

    ROCK! or crazy?

  2. Oh it’s in two months, not two days. I erred.

    This would be logistically challenging but would be a lot of fun. The only other person in the band who knows what Craigslist is happens to live in the UK, but I’ll definitely bring it up on Friday.

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