Drawing Camping

So the first class of Slackademics went reasonably well. I can’t decide if I was overprepared or underprepared, but we covered a lot of ground. I bought a honeydew melon and folded a photo of Kenny B’s head in quarters. I’ve never taught drawing to anyone before so it was a challenge and a little bit intimidating, but if I can do it, you can do it! I hope that the next class will be camping skills, followed by an actual Slackademics camping trip! I’ve been trying to go camping for years but every plan I make falls through. Knock on trees that I can pull this off, with the help of Geoff and anyone else who’s interested. I’m hoping for camping around the 29th and the class up to a week prior. If you’re on the slackademics email list you got my email, please reply – I’m making a big spreadsheet to figure out what the next classes will be and I can’t do it without your input.

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  1. I love the camping idea, but just an FYI:

    the official date and location of the Drexoll Games 4th Annual 24 Hour Game Night! It is 6pm Friday July 28th to 6pm Saturday July 29th, at Drexoll Games Port Coquitlam (107B – 2748 Lougheed Highway).

    It would be kinda like camping!

  2. I should point out that by “trying to go camping for years” I mean “trying to go camping for FIFTEEN years”

  3. So you’re saying that it is a long term goal, achievable in your life time. Great, it’ll all work out then! 🙂

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