My Spoon Is Too Big!

Today, on the internet (here), I pre-ordered the Bitter Films Volume One – six films by Don Hertzfeldt. After I did so I got an email that said “As an added bonus for pre-ordering, you may enter the promotional code “CLARITY” during checkout in the official Bitter Films store for 15% off your order. This offer expires August 18th and may only be used one time.” Too late for my use, but if anyone else wants to support Mr Hertzfeldt, they can do so a little cheaper.

Meanwhile, Bad Girl Chocolates has been updated with the pinup girl images I did for my fabulous chocolatier/gamer friend Kelly! (you can hit F5 to refresh and cycle through the 4 girls).

6 Replies to “My Spoon Is Too Big!”

  1. 🙁 The code didn’t work. I’ve been a fan of his animations for a very long time. I may just order it without the code anyway.

  2. Update: Looks like the code is only good for *other* products in the store, not for the pre-order. It worked on another product. I’ll leave it for others to use.

  3. The pin-ups are yummy Toren, which, as a diabetic, is all I can have! Mmmmmmm, Yummy Pin-ups!

  4. I’ve said this to you before Toren, but the pinups rock my world. I couldn’t be happier with the job you did. And while the girl in the sundress is still my hands down favourite, it seems that the cowgirl is taking an early lead for favourite with the public.

  5. Thanks for the code – I got a big spoon/banana t-shirt. Can’t wait to flaunt it around town 🙂
    Wonder why it was “clarity” though? Hope he’s not a Scientologist! LOL

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