Tinseltown Has Just Been Trumped…

I love movies! And for comfort Tinseltown can’t be beat. Plus it’s got that food court right outside with Indian food and bubble tea.

On the other hand…

I called Taytay up to see if he wanted to go see Superman Returns (7/10 by the way) with me for a matinee. He suggested the Rio Theater on Broadway and Commercial and I said “sure.” When I went to see Sophie Scholl with Stephane we passed it on the way and he pointed out that he wanted to try it, so I was doubly interested. Imagine my surprise and delight to find out that I only had to pay $5. Then imagine my surprise to find the guy behind the concession was the owner (Mukesh Goyal) and asked us what kind of movies he should show. We talked about Pixar and how Cars was popular in the suburbs (he cited Surrey) and in the States more so than Vancouver proper because it’s about, well, cars, and specifically Nascar. I told him that the films that normally get me out to the theater are the big blockbusters or something that falls squarely in my interests. Other things I usually wait for DVD (and to my shame I still haven’t seen Owning Mahowny or Capote). Then imagine my further surpise when I noticed they sold wasabi peas and other Dan-D-Pack snacks and Coke Zero in the bottle. Then imagine my further further surprise to find super comfy seating with armrests that can be folded back out of the way. Then imagine…etc etc to find the answer to Toren’s be all and end all Toren’s theater complaint–just before the show, the projectionist came on the PA to say hello, point out that the theater has 20 digital Dobly speakers, that it’s independently owned, and that they don’t show ads. That bears repeating.





I ejaculated (verbally). Friends, help me support this wonderful, wonderful theater. Go see Superman Returns there. They also have a balcony and regular pricing is $8. Also it’s got authentic red curtains (no ads includes no slides – the curtain is closed until the trailers start), Chris Woods would approve.

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  1. I think you’ve dropped acid and are spewing crazy talk!! No Ad’s? Good pricing?? Independant!?!?!


    I’m goin’ tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, that’s just like the Arclight in Hollywood. Best theater in town: big, wide, leather seats, reserved seating, amazing picture and sound, retrospective movies as well as first run, special screenings with even more special guests, huge range of yummy snack food, a cafe with good drinks and decent food, 21+ screenings, so you can drink during movies (going to have some martinis with Devil Wore Prada tonight), and NO ADS (but there are trailers, still).

    Of course, it’s a bit more expensive here: $10-$14, depending on what you are seeing and when and how old you are, etc. Please support great theaters!

  3. Ahem. HOLY CRAP! Are you folks shitting me or what? Theatres like this exist? I mean…*damn* but I would be there in no time flat. I wouldn’t even think once about whether or not I want to go to whatever-the-hell-it-is-oplex if I had this type of theatre in my neck of the woods.

    Um…thanks for letting me know that this kind of thing actually still has a place in the world. I will now live in *hope*.

  4. I’m glad to hear about this theatre, from you! When we looked up showtimes for Superman Returns I saw this theatre listed and said “what the heck is that?” Now I know the answer is “A Damn Fine Theatre!”.

    What’s the concession like? I like to get a cup of tea or a hot chocolate with my movie. I got spoiled going to the Fifth Ave.

    Oh, one note about the slide advertising. We have advertised on the slides at the Fifth and I think it’s a great way to support other local independent businesses. I guess it is yet more advertising to pollute the brain, but a simple slide without moving graphics or sounds, played only before the movie start time, seems like a really polite ad. And if it puts some extra $ into the theatre owner’s paycheck I think this owner in particular is deserving!

  5. I’m with Tamara on this one. I don’t mind the slide ads.

    If a show starts at 7pm then I better be seeing trailers at 7pm with a film to follow and not another car ad or invite to join the military. Before 7pm, the theatre can show those slide ads mixed with the trivia slides. Helps pass the time before the film starts and allows me to hone my pub quiz skills to a razor’s edge.

  6. I didn’t see if they had any hot beverages. In truth I don’t mind the slide ads so much as long as they don’t insult my intelligence with the usual clever marketing BS.

  7. I like the slide ads. I’ve advertised with slide ads at the Queer Film Festival and I have to say, call me a geek if you want, but seeing my business up there on the big screen gave me a thrill every time I saw it.


  8. Hi Guys,

    Thank you very much for all your wonderful words. It’s really nice to see the blogger community talking about the theatre. Just to give you some more news, our next film will be Lady in the Water starting July 21, 2006. We are committed to the community and believe that our concept of an excellent facility, no advertising, reasonable pricing for admission and concession will work. Our biggest challenge is building awareness, and you’ve done a great job in supporting the theatre.

    Also, we have raised over $17500.00 dollars for the SOS Children’s Villages through playing the soccer matches on the big screen. Over three thousand patrons paid a five dollar donation to collect these funds. We are also initiating a new program for disadvantaged children and really look at our facility as a community asset. Of course the best way you can support our theatre is to come and see films and recommend your friends to watch movies here as well.

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