Several Little Things part 4

I forgot to mention that I saw a deer on the way to Chilliwack last week. Merrick sounded surprised last night to learn that when I take the day off work to come to band practice, I am effectively out $120 (including expenses to get there and money I would otherwise be making). I figure if Warren can pay for airfare from the UK I can at least make an effort to be out there every week. Besides, who needs an excuse to not go to work? 

2 Replies to “Several Little Things part 4”

  1. does merrick tell you how much he is losing out on when he comes to practice? cause he sure tells us! like that one time when he quit an hour earlier than he’d have liked and he was out so much money that the canadian dollar devalued by three cents. at least that is what my mind told me i heard because once merrick starts complaining i just shut right off.

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