Several Little Things part 3

I’m very much into entering online contests these days. I buy a lot of Coca Cola Zero and I make sure to enter my codes to enter the “Win A Trip to any North American Concert” contest. Even if I don’t care about the concert, I’d pick somewhere I’ve never been before and explore the city. The best ones are the no purchase necessary. So if anyone knows of such contest that a Canadian can enter online, please let me know! 

4 Replies to “Several Little Things part 3”

  1. Off the top of my head, without doing any research at all, I am pretty sure that ALL product-related contests are “no purchase necessary”. Some sort of Canadian law or something.

  2. Well you have to buy the coke bottles to get the code that gives you “coins”…. and there are certain ones on where you have to have your cheesestrings code from a product…

  3. Yeah, you have to buy the product to get the codes. But I think that, if you look in the legalese of the official rules, there’s usually an address where you can mail away for a free code.

  4. Yes. The companies have to provide a way for people to enter the contest for free or they are essentially running a lottery draw and are then subject to local gambling laws, etc. Offering a free entry is the simplest way around it.

    Or at least that is how I hear it.

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