If you haven't seen X-Men The Last Stand yet don't read this post.

I just realized while watching the new trailer for X3 ( http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/tls/ ) that the entire Phoenix storyline brought absolutely nothing to the table. Except for getting Cyclops the hell out of the movie. That said, even though Cyclops is the most boring of mutants, his presence still beats the hell out of Halle Barry’s. Maybe, if and when they do X4, she’ll walk out in a huff and they’ll be forced to get Angela Bassett. Sure she’s way older, but I’m okay with that.

Oh and yes, I was in the movie! For a tiny split second.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to a couple of socially conscious movies:


http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount_classics/aninconvenienttruth/trailer/ (at Tinseltown I went to see Sidekick again and there were flyers of “ten things to do to stop global warming.” One of them was recycle more – this was printed on one side of a glossy 8×11″ paper. For shame!)