Burning Witches in the Sky

Re: That NoMeansNo show I posted about earlier…I know you want details so here’s what happened. Mario called me up at 8:30pm informing me that they were playing at the ANZA club. I tried to find out how much tickets were and in doing so I got conflicting information. It turned out to be an unadvertised “super secret show” featuring Removal and a band called Small Parts. Small Parts is NMN under an assumed name, no doubt because they are playing the Commodore later this month and as part of that contract probably aren’t allowed to play in town within 6 weeks of that show (or something). Well, for a super secret show, it seems that the Georgia Straight blabbed and as a result the tickets sold out. So I walked down to the ANZA club and hung around outside the club chatting with Chris Eng and his lovely new wife, Shane and Rae. Then I toddled on home.  I’ve been having this weird problem with my recording setup. I listen to the new Thickets songs through the headphones coming from my computer, and sing along through the mic going into the line in. In CuBase (the program I’m using to record and edit) there seems to be a slight delay – so that the lyrics don’t line up with the song. I’m not sure if it’s a consistent delay or if it gets worse as it goes. I just need to figure out how to nudge the track a bit before I figure that out. Hopefully this won’t be a problem I’m going to have to throw more money at.