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  1. Wow. This cartoon is effing great! And LONG overdue. It reminds me a lot of Heavy Metal style comics, except that it is actually funny. The concept could not be simpler, and is just a bottomless pit of possibilty. Nine thumbs up!

  2. I just wanted to say that this was one of the best cartoons I had ever seen. I can’t wait to see more episodes and I’m even more excited for the DVD set. Keep it coming. I loved it!!!

  3. Love it,it’s got everything I like,zombies,gore,humor,barbarians,wizards,…hope it last a least acouple episodes to enjoy it.There isn’t anything like this show out there, so curious to know if it takes off.

  4. Korgoth is simply good, it’s been a long time coming!
    I hope it is on for awhile, it’s better than watching some unintelligible Super Milk-Chan, what the hell was that?
    Reminds me of Thundarr…Ariel…OOkla..RIDE!!!
    Imagine of Alex Toth had come up with this in the sixties?

  5. All these Korgoth comments out of the blue from people I’ve never heard of strikes me as weird. Are you all lurkers on my blog or does Korgoth have robots scouring the internet looking for blogs?

  6. We want Korgoth! We want Korgoth!

    This is the best and most original toon since Ren & Stimpy, in my humble…

  7. Dear God, I didn’t know this was a pilot. I tuned in at 12:30 Sunday morning only to find some other junk. I watch next to zero TV but by chance I caught the first one of these and I became hooked. My first thought was to search eBay for the DVD set. Until it is created my TV set is as worthless as a pile of bird crap.

  8. Long Live Scrodist!

    I’ve watched the Bar scene at least 15 times and I’m still laughing!!! It’s on top of my DVR list

  9. Hahahaha….this was hilarious!!! Classic bar seen fight, ripping off an opponents arm and beating him into submission with it…..ROTFLMAO!!!!

  10. Funny as hell!!!!!!
    KORGOTH is the best cartoon i’ve seen in years i pray they continue it as a seies

  11. Lol Korgoth of Barbaria, its 3x as funny when you read(or suffer through) the original Conan the Cimmerian stories from Robert Howard.

    The intro is awesome he goes sailing through the air with a comically oversized battle-axe overhead, swings, and then a fountain of blood the size of Ole faithful flies in his face. The standard scantily clad vixen who is irresistably attracted to the massive muscles and iron grimness of (insert barbarian here) vs. everyone else in the world(always insanely ugly) is another standard of almost all R.E. Howard’s Conan stories + all the incredibly wierd and hackneyed wizard stuff.

    Its 1980’s Ralph Bakshi on acid, D&D + R.E. Howards incredibly sadistic Conan stories + comedy all mixed into one

  12. gave good feedback for the show, man funniest show ever, i need more, more korgoth!!!

  13. Me want Korgoth!!

    Super coolest cartoon ever! Please keep the gore & laughs coming!!!

    I almost couldn’t believe how awesome it was!

  14. LONG LIVE KORGOTH,, The best ive seen in years there cannot be enough said Korgoth must be allowed to continue,,, who gives a f#$% if your bringing back PeeWee’s Outhouse that show sucked twenty years ago and it sucks now,,,Quit wasting our time with PeeWee and give us more Korgoth!!!!

  15. Hello, I am a real blogger and not a Korgoth search robot or spammer. I’ll tell you what is going on: I saw the pilot episode, not realizing it wasn’t going to be a regular series until fall. I searched on Google for Korgoth, looking for more information, and your blog was one of the first hits. I’d imagine a lot of other people like me were thrilled with the pilot, and hit the internet looking for more episodes or DVDs. You just happened to be in the right place at the right time for some massive traffic from Google.

    And Korgoth totally ruled and I want to see more and more and more!!!!!!!

  16. Korgoth looks like the best show ever! I will watch every single episode they make and buy every DVD that comes out.

    One of the most exciting pilots I have ever seen!

  17. This show seems to encompass the cool grotesqeness of Conan without the self-loving Arnie to play the dumb brute! Pleease continue and make a show of this, please please please please pleeeease!!

  18. Well, I hope you people are happy, here it is, you people said you were going to do it and you did. Monday night and PeeWee’s Outhouse is on the starting line up of ADULT SWIM. As I’ve said before, just because the children who used to watch during the shows first airring are now adults dosen’t mean they want to rewatch that dribble.
    No more Korgoth ever again I see,no surprize there, it was the best thing Ive seen in a long ,long time, so it was no big shocker to see something that cool get the axe so quickly.(A word to the creators of Korgoth: Please don’t stop just because ADULT SWIM dosen’t have the grapes to air Korgoth dosen’t mean they wont be purchased on DVD Ill personally buy the whole series (if there was one) also HBO used to air a really cool animated series of “SPAWN” Action channel also plays a great deal of adult animae,, go for a premium channel and go for broke ,no holds barred Korgoth, without the worry of offending some teeny-bops mom.)
    Keep taking away all the shows that make ADULT SWIM great, and all thats left is a bunch of re-runs and teeny-bopper crap!!! Where is Space Ghost, or Brak show, where is Sea Lab, or Harvey Birdman,(I will not mention CYBORG TURKEY untill Seth Green decides to start making an effort again, WHY WAS THE DVD CENSORED!)
    KORGOTH RULES!!! Is ADULT SWIM truly for adults or is the title only a misnomer to get ratings from teens who are just up late?? I mean, who are you targeting, aging gen-x’rs or their pubescent kids. Are you not the “CARTOON NETWORK”, your network has the entire realm of animation at your disposal and you people dare to try to hype up the return of PeeWee’s Outhouse!! You know he dosen’t do what he got arrested for ON the show (thankfully!) so what is his “adult” appeal. His show was targeted to the smallest of viewers (and the most dim)is this train of program revival going to bring back the Gummi Bears as well? What about the Smurfs, or Gem they used to suck as well. Can we expect to see that drool on ADULT SWIM in the future,,I hope not! I want to see Korgoth drive a battle axe thru PeeWee’s forehead. HEY PAUL !!! the secret word for the day is “SELF ABUSE” AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!
    I dont want to live in a world where Korgoth of Barbaria has to take a seat next to PeeWee’s Outhouse
    Once again,, the entire animation universe at your disposal and you go with PeeWee’s craphouse,,that amount of choice can be overwhelming for some, and can cause lapses in decision but aren’t you supposed to be professionals. Please,,, get it together or just retitle the show for what it is, “PRETENTIOUS TEENY-BOPPER SWIM” would fit right in, or , “THE SUCKIEST SUCK SHOW THAT EVER SUCKED” might be appropriate.


  19. I agree with everything thanocrom says. I would gladly buy a Korgoth DVD set if they made a whole season. It really makes me sad to see Adult Swim pass up on something this enjoyable on every sensory level.

  20. Korgoth of Baberia is simply one of the greatest pieces of entertainment I have ever seen. I am thrilled to see all the support Korgoth is receiving from those fortunate to have viewed the pilot. If we keep up this support I do not see how it cannot be picked up by someone. LONG LIVE KORGOTH!!!

  21. Hairy balls of the gods!!! Korgoth Rules this wasteland we call television, not since GWAR have all my senses been so stimulated and finally there is something to watch besides all that wretched crap. ( except of course “Metalocolypse”, Its Brutal!!!)

  22. If the series maintains the integrity of the pilot I’ll need a plastic surgeon to remove the smile from my face. Sh_t, that was funny.

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