This Post is Unrivalled In Its Class

Trying to make heads or tails of digital cameras on the Canon site by their descriptions is frustrating. They seem to think my criteria for buying a camera is which one will “get me noticed” or have something to do with how active my family is. Of course there is no mention as to how much the cameras cost. I have to read between lines like “high performance” and “superbly engineered.” What does the “class” in “unrivalled in its class” mean? I have no idea. All I want is a basic camera that doesn’t make me wait more than a second or two between shots. I guess I’ll just have to let a salesman lead me by the nose at Broadway Cameras in the not too distant future.

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  1. Don’t you dare let a salesman sell you a camera. And why would you go to a manufacturer’s site to find out about cameras? That presupposes that you’re definitely buying from them and not somebody else.

    There are plenty of review sites online, comparing multiple digital cameras in several different “classes”. Google for “digital camera comparison” and then find the one with the options and price you want. I have a Fuji Finepix that’s really excellent, portable, well priced and high quality. It’s over a year old so it’s possible something else has surpassed it.

  2. Another good website is Dotto on Data, he’s the guru in Vancouver that has his own TV program, with info on new products. Website is
    Good luck, and send me lots of pictures, Love

  3. One of Canon’s models was recommended so I went there to learn more. I will see if I can find some comparisons.

  4. Hey T. You might also try opening the website of the ‘Canon’ people and then the website of a place like *shudder* ‘Futureshop’ to get the information from the manufacturers and an idea of price from the evil huckstering soulless corporation. Then you can ignore all these things and simply rob a bank and buy the Canon EOS digital rebel and then fondle this glorious camera-of-the-gods as you whisper sweet nothings in it’s ear. I have a couple of friends with the digital rebel and it’s all I can do to keep from murdering them and taking the cameras from their cold dead hands afterwards. They are *sweeeet*.

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