Free Paperback Spinner

If you’ve been to my apartment you know I’ve got a blue, metal spinning paperback book stand like you would find in a store. I got it from Duthie Books back when I worked for them. It’s a little wobbly but it’s very useful. However, after 8 or 9 years I’m tired of it and it’s now sitting in the laundry room of our apartment with a FREE sign on it. If you’d like it, let me know, and I’ll see to it you can grab it.

One Reply to “Free Paperback Spinner”

  1. Why not rescue it from the laundry room, and give it a permanent, loving home in Le Book Homme? Yes, I know, only two of those words were french, but I don’t LIKE the word livre… looks like liver…

    but seriously… I’ll give a home to your wobbly book stand… to have a little bit of Duthie’s in The Book Man would be an honour….

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