Too Many Flies in the Web

My forays into myspace has resulted in many a headshaking, and I’ll tell you why. People are so adamant about having a million things on their profiles to show the world how unique and special that they are, that the profiles turn into Homer Simpson’s website (you know, the one with the dancing baby and all those other animations) and are virtually unreadable. It gets even worse when the people who add comments have to include animated gifs and giant images in what they post. All style and no content makes the internet a dull boy. It’s like having coffee with someone that has dozens of bad tattoos. They may be talking about something but you don’t hear a word over the sensory overload.

Meanwhile, let’s recap what’s happening for the Saturday Morning Cartoon Party:

The theme is “April Fools & Other Pranksters.” Here are some episodes in the running:

SPIDER-MAN Spidey has to resort to pranksterism to defeat the Vulture, Green Goblin, Electro and Dr Noah Boddy when they try “To Catch A Spider.”

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES. Whose “fool” act has got the Joker in a tizzy? Here’s a hint: “Beware the Creeper.” 22 minutes

DUCKMAN. Some whacko kidnaps Duckman to prove that he’s a TV show in “Clip Job.” 22 minutes

SUPERMAN 1941 “The Bulleteers” 8 minutes.

THE MIGHTY HERCULES. With softness in his eyes and fire in his thighs, Hercules fools the Thracian king. 5 minutes

THE TICK “The Tick vs Arthur’s Bank Account” Arthur is unhappy when The Tick blows his bank account to upgrade their “secret headquarters” so Tick moves out to his own rather shaky “Crime Tower.” 22 minutes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA “Zemo and the Masters of Evil” featuring Thor and Iron Man! 15 minutes

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS “Fools in April.” Spongebob’s favourite holiday messes with Squidward. 11 minutes.

POWERPUFF GIRLS “Jewel of the Aisle” A bumbling thief loses his stolen diamond in a box of Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets, the Powerpuff girls favourite cereal. 11 minutes.

STAR TREK ANIMATED “Practical Joker.” The Enterprises’ computer develops a sense of humour. 22 minutes.

LOONEY TUNES “Little Red Riding Rabbit.” Hey Grandma! Those are awful big eyes for you…ta have! 7 minutes

FREAKAZOID! “Wrath of Guiterrez” If you were at the 5th Cartoon Party, you’ll remember Freakazoid’s origin story. Now the Ricardo Montalban-voiced villain is back. Laugh with me! 22 minutes

THE VENTURE BROTHERS “Mid Life Chrysalis.” The Monarch sends Dr. Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr. Venture in order to inject him with a body-altering serum. Meanwhile, Brock is deeply depressed to learn his secret agent license to kill has expired. 22 minutes.

HOME MOVIES “Broken Dreams” After Melissa and Jason break their respective arms, Brendan tries to break his own to get out of a test. Who’s fooling whom? Meanwhile, McGuirk takes a lifesaving course. 22 minutes

BATTLE OF THE PLANETS “The Space Serpent” 22 minutes

SAMURAI JACK “X-9” 22 minutes

Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel “King Tut” 4 minutes

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