There's No Such Website!

I forgot my livejournal password so I can’t comment on Marlo’s blog with this information, so I’m just making a new blog post. It’s fun for the whole family, anyway:

Yes, it’s time for a great new game which we just invented. It’s called There’s No Such Website! and your mission, should you choose to accept, is to spot the fib. Below are links and descriptions for five websites. Four of them actually exist on the Internet. One is a phony that we made up. Study all five and see if you can guess which link won’t lead you to the website in question. There is no prize for this except that you get to visit four weird websites and to feel smug if it doesn’t take you five clicks to find the phony. Enjoy

Created by Mark Evanier, writer for comics (Groo) and cartoons (Dungeons & Dragons)

Meanwhile, not far away…

They have scalloped potatoes…who wants to help me come up with a recipe for potatoed scallops?

3 Replies to “There's No Such Website!”

  1. potatoed scallops – brilliant! I can see taking fresh scallops and coating them in dry mashed potato flakes mixed with some herbs and minced scallions, and then deep-frying them quickly. Yummers!

  2. Did you change it? Because it used to be related to me signing you out all the time. Remember?

    And can’t you get them to email you your password?

    EWWWWW, scallops. I like it when scallops are alive and attacking octopuses.

  3. I did change it for some reason, and I couldn’t do anything about it at woik. But it’s all sorted now.

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