What Starts with "F" and ends with "ucks?"

Firetrucks. Lots of them. All around the construction site that desecrated my tennis courts, which previously desecrated an ancient Indian burial groud. We (Mike Jackson, Joe, Patrick, and David Bradley) were in the middle of playing Mutants & Masterminds when the power went out. We navigated the apartment by the light of two laptops (by the way, there are apparently 3 wireless connections that hit my apartment, if anyone wants to come over and do their homework) and lit up a half dozen candles so we could keep playing. So romantic. Or spooky, whichever you prefer. To add to the mood, about a dozen sirens screaming around the neighborhood as at least four firetrucks converged on the construction site.

The power came on about a half hour later, and I reset all the clocks (and my relic of an answering machine). It went out again at 2-something in the morning. For reasons unknown, I woke up when it came back on. Stewie was up and about and he told me it was out for 10 minutes. So I reset the clocks again. In my drowsiness, I didn’t think to reset my alarm though. Good thing I woke up every half hour after about 7am for some ungodly reason, and I was actually early for work.

This reminds me of something that happened at Stephane’s birthday part. While we were in the middle of Mario Party we all heard someone yelling “put your hands up! Put your hands up! PUT…YOUR…HANDS…UP!!!” There were about 8-10 cop cars right in front of Sherane’s place arresting someone across the street. With guns waving around the rest of the guys decided to go out and have a closer look on the porch, while I turned off the light in the living room and watched through the blinds in the dark. Ha! No stray bullets for me! We went back to our game and they had this guy sitting handcuffed on the sidewalk for half an hour! Weird.