"All I Had to Do Was Give Up Everything I Enjoy"

I’ve been doing very well eating healthy for the past month. Oh sure I’ve secreted* the occasional chocolate morsel (but not a Nestle Toll House Morsel) once in a while, but generally thumbs up to me. And can I just say, holy smokes is eating ever boring. The above title quote is from an episode of Home Movies where someone comments on how Brendan lost a lot of weight. I am getting le tired of chef salads, but it’s been a series of stiff upper lips until last night, when I went over to Stephane’s for his birthday video game party. There were ketchup chips, soda pop, and a Pac-Man shaped cake, all of which I partook. Oh the scandal! We played some old school Colecovision and Atari games and some Mario Party as well (I came in dead last, even though I had enough gold coins to buy a fine fat goose for my goodly wife). Mmmm…button-mashing fun! But the bad food fiasco was mitigated by my bicycling to and fro Sherane’s which slit the throats of some of those miserable calories, and I also enjoyed a full complement of broccoli, carrots ‘n’ mushrooms with olive tapenade.

*No, not secreted, secreted.

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  1. Remember Toren, it is a whole life style change, not a diet. Diets are for suckers who buy into the “health industry”. You need to learn to eat properly, in moderation and try to be as active as possible, which it sounds like you are doing well! That means you can go to a friends party and have some chips, pop and cake, knowing that it will have little affect on your overall health. As a diabetic who has had a stroke, I need to be very aware of what I eat and do, but I still have a cookie now and then or a big sloppy cheeseburger!

    You are careful about many elements of your life (no crack, safe sex, no smoking, don’t let Stewie cook, etc.) because you want to avoid problems. This is just another key pillar in your whole life. Food is the fuel and you can choose the premium, unleaded or the toxin cheap gas. It’s the build blocks of your whole life and as you are trying to build a new life, it sounds like you are choosing the very best materials. You are really doing great and people are noticing the results!

  2. “not difficult to enjoy food that’s not loaded with trans-fat and sugar”

    Just incredibly inconvenient.

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