18 Days Until SMCP

I’m getting excited about the Saturday Morning Cartoon Party. I still haven’t decided on a theme. In the running:

April Fool’s: A good theme given the day of the party. There is a Star Trek Animated episode called “Practical Joker” and I can think of a couple other cartoons that could squeeze into the theme (Clone High, Powerpuff Girls, Sea Lab 2021) but what about Battle of the Planets, 1940’s Superman, and Galaxy Rangers? Difficult.

Mind Swap: I’ve considered this theme for years now. Super fun and “The Tick vs Science” is one of my favourite episodes, plus there’s “The Great Brain Robbery” a recent episode of Justice League Unlimited that’s quite good.

Monsters: A nice general theme that could give me a wide range of choices.

Eldritch Horrors: I recently watched a Freakazoid! episode that I had on tape for years but never got around to watching. Cthulhu was in it. There’s also Cthulhu episodes of Real Ghostbusters, Justice League (but it’s long), and…oh I guess that’s it. Damn.

Best Of: When I was planning on moving to China I thought this might be the last SMCP for a while, so I wanted to really show off my favourite episodes of all time. Now I don’t know where I’ll be next year (so there’s still no guarantee there will be another SMCP).

I sooooooooo want to crack open thos Coco Straws I got in the mail from the UK. Got to…unh!