"Girls don't fall in love with fun"

After racquetball last night I went to see Brokeback Mountain at the Van East with Sheri & Stephane. It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. I had a preconception–which happens with a lot of movies if I don’t see a trailer–which is basically “what could possibly happen in that movie to interest me?” And considering the subject matter/setting isn’t something I connect with, it was really the characters/acting that pulled it through, especially Michelle William’s portrayal of Alma. There wasn’t much of a story, really, but there were some good scenes. When the line “girls don’t fall in love with fun” came up, I asked Sheri if that was true. She said “no.” Maybe it only applies to redneck girls.

Sherane is having an Oscars watching get-together this Sunday which I’d love to go to but Weathertop is this weekend so that’s pretty much all I’ll be doing.