H.P. Podcast – Good Idea or Crap?

What would happen if I recorded readings – aka audio books – of H.P. Lovecraft stories and posted them as podcasts? Would you click on a DONATE BY PAYPAL link to support the damn things?

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  1. There are a few Lovecraftian podcasts out there (on iTunes) but I don’t think any of them are actually reading directly from books.

    That’d be neat. Especially if you had sound effects too.

    It would have to be pretty good to get folks to donate. John Q. Public is a cheap bastard.

    I’d rather buy a CD of you reading some stories (with cool sound effects and clean production). That’s a good idea. Put some nifty art in the liner notes and it’d be even cooler.


  2. I’d download and listen. If they were truly spectacular I might donate a few bucks. But are you doing it for the love of doing it, or are you doing it for the cash you could make alone?

  3. Not so stupid, since you implied you’d only do it if you could make money off it.

  4. If the donations mean nothing to you, why even mention it at all? Just throw up a PayPal donations link and people will either send you a fews pounds or bucks or kroner or not.

    Anyhow, I think it’s a fab idea if you put all your love of H.P.L. into it. Not too mention that you have a gift of mimicry.

  5. Joost a quaystion, it doon’t mean a t’ing. I’d be joost as likely ta do it eider wee. Joost sussin’ it oot, is all.

  6. I’m not a big fan of people reading to me – it means I’m not reading it myself, and I like reading. Radioplays, now, there’s something I can get behind. Actually, I’d get behind either and even donate. But I’m all about radio plays.

    You should check out Claybourne – it’s a radio play from New Zealand, mid-90s. Very drawn out story, but it’s good and it’s horror.

    I say go for it. But you already knew that.

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