Tenacious P

Last night I had a couple of dreams. One with Marlo and her folks, and then another that I think is worth describing.
Standing up to some really ginormous blue t-shirt-wearing bully at Vedder Junior Secondary School, I saw a giant black shape, like an amorphous bat, flap into view and swirl around the area. We (myself and everyone around me) were truly shocked to see it, as if it were happening in real life and not a dream. “What the hell is that?” I yelled. I realized it was a magical cloak, and then it came to me: “it’s Harry Potter!” The cloak fluttered around and a couple more joined in. There seemed to be some kind of conflict, like Harry was somewhere inside the cloak and the vileness of it was corrupting him. I used my own magic to expunge the evil, and Harry became a bright point of holy light. We were all very pleased but just when we relaxed, the point of light exploded into blackness and dissipated. Harry was dead! This opened the gateway for a flood of monsters rampaging around the school. I pushed through the demons and found the door from whence they came. I tried to fend them off but was unable to do so, until I realized I had a secret weapon—“Wonderboy” by Tenacious D. So I got up on a counter and started singing and dancing and I had the demons rapt attention, just like the pied piper of Hamlin. I guess it worked, because by the end of the dream I was eating candy.

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  1. kool dream…I had i dream last night I was going out with C I Millsa O’neil…it was strange…but we were happy….I like dreams…if only i got paid to dream 🙁
    Hey T you get my email ?

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