Kodos Peed on Graeme's Jacket

Last night Norm, Joe, Graeme, Mike Jackson, and David Bradley came over to make up characters for my Mutants & Masterminds mini-campaign. Kodos was running around the apartment like a wildcat, as he does sometimes. He likes to bolt from one side of the apartment to the other…the end of the hall to the black chair or the couch, usually, and when he is in the hall he will crouch into whatever shoes happen to be in there. Well, I guess he got overexcited last night. I had to periodically check to see he wasn’t raking my guest’s shoes, as he is wont to do with shoes that have new and vivacious smells. At last I heard him making an unusual amount of noise and when I peeked around the corner he was crouched in Graeme’s jacket which was crumpled on the floor–a crouch I know all too well. The sound I heard was obviously him padding at the jacket prepping his spot to soil. I grabbed him before he fully relieved himself but not before he started. BAD CAT! Luckily I had almost a full bottle of that “miracle” pet odor remover that is enzyme based and works like a charm, so I cleaned up after the BAD CAT and Graeme was none the wiser! No, that’s not true, I told Graeme about it and that if the miracle stuff didn’t work I’d buy him a new jacket. But I am confident the stuff will work as I have used it on my bed and clothes probably a half dozen times or more over the years. BAD CAT! My only worry is that I missed a spot.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo…the kids made up some interesting characters–the most interesting being Graeme’s shapeshifting plant character and Mike’s nanobot gadgeteer–and we may play the ‘training scenario’ next Monday. Thank Gord for Joe’s compu-notebook and the M&M spreadsheet program that does the math for character creation.

And then Kodos got “The Sink” treatment.