Saturday Morning Cartoon Party 2006

I changed desks at work today and I have a full view of the city. It’s cool. On the flip side, I’ve been flying low since I got here. “Doii” as Duckman would say.

Speaking of Duckman, it’s almost time for the annual Saturday Morning Cartoon Party. Speak up if you’re interested in hearing more, and let me know what Saturday mornings you are and are not available in the next 8 weeks. The theme might be “Best of” or “All Request” this year.

Also, after my Mandarin classes are over, I’m pretty sure I’m going to take either guitar classes or piano. Probably guitar. Does anyone have a guitar they want to sell? Acoustic, please.

3 Replies to “Saturday Morning Cartoon Party 2006”

  1. No, but I do have a piano that you could borrow – you’ll have to pay for moving costs (probably around $200 or so) but it’s yours for as long as you are willing to be responsible for it…. Must be professionally moved though…

  2. Hey, if you do take the guitar lessons, let me know, maybe I’ll tag along. I have an old Washburn that I’ve wanted to take a shot at learning and if Banks! can do it….

  3. Bamber: If it goes the piano way, Marlo has a big keyboard that she never uses….

    Mike: Yeah, if Banks can do it…

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