Green Ronins, Sushi, Men at Work

Saturday morning I went to the gym with Marlo and I burned 820 calories. I just stayed on the elliptical whachamajigger for the entire hour and…15 minutes or so. Saturday morn is a good time for the gym, there’s hardly anyone there. I think if I don’t spend too much time there (i.e. I don’t go there more than once a week) I won’t get sick of it. We’ll see. Unfortunately I was forced to brush up on my pop culture by watching the revolting MuchMusic video awards. I think Passenger 57 was also on the TV beside it. Neither of them had subtitles, except for the hair product commercials, which was strange.

Then we went to Greens and Gourmet where the guy behind Marlo doubled over in his chair and apparently went to sleep in a clam position.

I met with Theo, Kate, Mike Demers, Fraser, Jeff Ranger, Tea, Nicole and Chris Pramas at Tamagachi or somesuch sushi place on Broadway and Spruce (right next to Habibi’s) where I ate mostly chicken. I tried the eel and it was not to my liking. I believe it was “all you can eat” so we just kept filling up the form with check marks all over the place. Lots of yucks were had and then afterwards we went to Kate ‘n’ Theo’s to hang out and I made friends with Morgan the kitty and drank some chai. I’m sure Nicole will blog about it with some photos shortly. Some exciting things were discussed but it’s too soon to blog aboot it. But we talked about salamis and tsunamis, Nicole chasing down bullies in her neighborhood, and my famous story of Mom putting peanut butter in the hamburgers to make them stick together because we were out of eggs (no Mom, you’ll never live it down as long as you keep bringing up how I took the wrong ferry when I was 13). I also tried chocolate port and was suitably disgusted.

I’ve had Men at Work on the brain ever since watching Scrubs. During band practice, after Merrick was irked because Bob showed up and nobody told him, we talked about doing covers. I pre-emailed (premailed) Jordan and Bob with my suggestion of “Helpless Automaton.” Tara is the email checker in their household and he told the tale of the dialogue:

Tara: “Toren wants to do a Men at Work cover.”

Jordan: “Let me guess. ‘I Come From a Land Down Under?'”

Tara: “No”

Jordan: “Helpless Automaton?”

Tara: “How’d you know?”

Jordan suggested “Overkill” and Bob suggested “It’s a Mistake,” both of which I’d be thrilled to do but Overkill is out of my range towards the end of the song. I’ve been singing Overkill constantly (I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled) since Friday night. Jordan also suggested us doing an album of cover songs, which we’d record the same time as our real album.

Jordan left a half hour earlier than normal so I set up my mic next to the drums and did my best Phil Collins. Mario and Merrick and I screwed around for a while and we actually came up with a semblance of a new song, which is hilarious [Downtown?].

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  1. I always liked Be Good Johnny, but Helpless Automaton does sound like a good song for the Thickets to cover.

    What about Canadian bands – any classic Canadian rock you could cover? I’ll play the shill and point out the benefits of covering a Canadian song, such as video grants.

  2. I was thinking that – so throw NoMeansNo onto the pile.

    And this is our new game at the office – things to occupy our minds while we do brainnumbing documentation.

    Martin has satisfying both conditions (cover song with suitable Thickets theme and Canadian) by suggesting Prism’s Armageddon.

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