Another night goes by

Today I have an interview at a video game company. I got the entire day off from RBC which is great, because I really needed to catch up on sleep. Today I went to bed before midnight (I would say about 1:20 minutes earlier than usual), woke up at 2:40ish, went back to sleep, woke up at 4 something, and then have intermittent dozing at 1-2 hour stretches until about 9am. I figure between all of that I probably got 8 hours, which was my goal. Watching classic Trek and Black Books kept my mind off of things. Even when I’m feeling fine, you sometimes have those nights where you wake up and you just can’t go to sleep because your mind is so busy. TV is the ultimate cure to a busy mind.

Did I mention this? As of last week, I’m back on my regimen of good diet and exercise, which did me well in the summer of 2004. Spoiled so far only by Stewie bringing home some licorice allsorts. I’ve had no appetite in the mornings lately, Chef salad for lunch pretty much every day, and misc healthyish things for dinner. Last night it was nuts, broccoli, and a yogurt at Tim Hortons in Chilliwack*. I bought Cadbury Mini Eggs for a co-worker/supervisor at work and I wasn’t even tempted to eat them. Sugar is addictive, as Marlo says! I am weaning. My sugar intake has been limited to fruit and carrots. I have been so busy with band stuff, VGG stuff, and drawing that I haven’t had as much racquetball as I’d like.

How’s that for a boring entry? Well I’ve got news – IT’S NOT FOR YOU!!!

*Yes, right after work Naomi drove me out to band practice where I did not practice but rather we just took costume adjustments.

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  1. Black Books is great. Have you also seen Green Wing? Spaced? ManStrokeWoman? The Brits are *killing* North America when it comes to funny-on-film for TV.

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