Okay…so…it’s gotten to the point where it’s actually been inconvenient a couple times that I don’t have a cell phone. Especially trying to organize things with my dumb band. So, anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of cell phone I should or should NOT get?

Also, while doing vanity searches at work today I stumbled across the Thickets on a site called Song Meanings . Now you can tell the online world what Big Robot Dinosaur means to you, if anything.

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  1. Pay As You Go. I think Fido does pay as you go. If you don’t plan on using it much, don’t get locked into a monthly plan for a set term.

  2. Yes “Pay as you go” is the way to go. You can usually top up the account for a small amount …like $10-$15 per month. You usually have to top up the account so that you don’t lose the minutes you’ve banked.

    It’s the cheapest option if you aren’t using a phone frequently and just need it for emergencies once in a while it’s great.

  3. Pay as you go is probably the cheapest, but be careful. Cingular, for instance, charges users $1.00 a day for every day they use their phone. So if you use your phone a little bit every day for 15 days, you get charged $15 bucks on top of the minutes you use.

    I guess just read the fine print on any plan.

    They’re all bastards in the long run. Some are just less bastardy than others.


  4. I’d recommend fido – I’ve got city fido…the old plan where I get unlimited minutes & free long distance from van-hope, but I’m on my cell all the time. You can call them about their deals & pepper them with TONS of questions to make sure there are no hidden charges (ask about access fees, etc. etc.) If you’re thinking about getting voicemail, I’d invest in caller ID instead – program all your friend’s numbers into your phone, and voila, it’s just like voicemail in that it shows you who’s calls you missed, and also shows you WHO’s calling in case you are 50/50 about whether or not you actually want to talk to anyone. Just hunt thru their website. Long distance is generally EVIL & very expensive.

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