One More Sleep Till NoMeansNo

I just spoke with Malcolm Reynolds on the phone.

Yesterday was hectic, except for the morning. I had my interview with Backbone which I thought went pretty decently. I was interviewed by three people. The toughest question they asked was what would I foresee doing all day in the job of designer. I really didn’t have much of an answer for them. The other question was what would be my salary expectations but we actually got sidetracked so I never answered it. Afterwards I chatted briefly with Devin.

I was wearing Stewie’s hand-me-down sweater and I took a cab to a video game company. I was like I was the mirror universe version of him (because I have a beard).

Afterwards I was supposed to meet with Naomi to get the costumes but she hadn’t finished them. I was also supposed to go to Divine to pick up CDs for our show but I totally forgot, so I’ll do it at lunch today. Then I had a meeting with the V-Con guy and Jon and Michael. That was good and it looks like we’ll be having Cloud City inside V-Con in October. We met at a small pub inside City Square called “Lifestyles.” It was full of old men and the jazz was too loud. If V-Con gets the guests they’re after, it will be CRAZY FANTASTIC but there will be no mentioning of names until they’re confirmed.

The meeting took 2 hours, however, so I rushed home to call Naomi. She came and dropped off the costumes and then she dropped me off at Marlo’s. I was apprehensive about seeing her but I didn’t want to take off for the weekend without checking up on her and on myself. We sat around and talked and we both felt much better afterwards.

Tonight I’m heading out to Chilliwack right after work. Tomorrow is the big show with NoMeansNo. I can’t believe that Mario gave me the wrong venue information. He told me it was at the Hope River Hall. Then I got an email from Chuck on Wednesday night that the flyers around town said The Loft at the Ag Rec Center and he was confused because our site said differently. So I called the organizer and confirmed it’s at the Ag Rec Center. I emailed all the lists and the site so hopefully nobody will go to the wrong place. Mario…sheesh. I guess I should have double-checked earlier.

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  1. Hey I was one of those old men, so watch it! And Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King are NOT Jazz. It was to loud, but it was a good meeting.

    Hope the Thickets show went great and the costumes rocked.


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