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Microsoft shuts down controversial Chinese blogger
Last Updated Fri, 06 Jan 2006 12:52:24 EST
CBC News

Microsoft Corp. has followed the request of the Chinese government and shut down the internet journal of a blogger who discussed politically sensitive issues.

“When we operate in markets around the world, we have to ensure that our service complies with global laws as well as local laws and norms,” said Brooke Richardson, group product manager with Microsoft’s MSN online division.

He said the blog was shut down at year end. He declined to comment further.

China has come under criticism in recent months for its censorship of the internet.

The Associated Press said Beijing has supported internet use for education and business, but it reportedly uses filters to block objectionable foreign websites. It also bans subversive and pornographic content and requires service providers to enforce censorship rules.

The controversial blog was written under the pen name An Ti, reportedly by a research assistant in the Beijing bureau of the New York Times, AP said. It touched on sensitive topics such as China’s relations with Taiwan and free speech in China.