Koopenkaken (Dutch for 'cupcakes')

For some reason we’ve been getting Turner Classic Movies on channel 46 and that’s pretty bitchin’ – because there are no commercials. I finally got to see Raging Bull.

Today was Stephane & Sheri’s wedding. It was very nice. Not too formal. Very short ceremony. Almost no religious stuff. The justice of the peace was a woman. The food was good – the horseradish sauce was very potent. My diet was ignored, as I enjoyed multiple desserts, although I didn’t have any bread or rice. We (Stewie and I) got a ride there from Sheri’s brother John, but we took a cab to Richmond (the hall was in Delta) and the bus to our neighborhood. A fight almost broke out on the bus with some lowbrow punks in the back.

At the wedding Stewie and I played with fire (the candles) much to the dismay of the “grownups” and I was aghast to find out that the caterers wouldn’t let Stephane & Sheri take the leftovers home.

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  1. Turner Classic Movies is a new and permanent edition to Shaw Cable! I couldn’t believe it either. I watched some great, and very realistic, 1940’s war movies this weekend. ‘Battan’ and ‘They Were Expendable’. Cracking good stuff.

    I’m waiting for a few choice noirs to show up as well as some Warner Bros. cartoons!


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