My Kill is Throating Me, plus Dungeons & Documentaries

I almost went into work today. I got up at 7:22 as normal but my email wasn’t working, so that was the last straw. If I can’t email Marlo to tell her why I wasn’t home when she called last night, then I’ll just have to stay home until the internet starts working. I called in sick (which was no lie) and slept for 11 hours (total). It hurts to swallow. But I did manage to play D&D tonight – although now I am paying for it.

On the weekend I met with a gal with whom I had a meeting with about a year and a half ago. She was going to Vancouver Film School and was interested in doing a documentary short film on D&D for her project. Trouble was, her partner in the project was very Christian and vetoed the idea. But now she’s out of school and still wants to do it. So we met at Max’s and had a good long discussion. I brought her back to grab my copy of Mazes & Monsters and Word Wars and she ended up helping me paint some miniatures. It will be pretty cool if this movie turns out – basically I would be the producer. So – who wants to be in a D&D movie?

I’m starting to look for art agents in earnest. I spent several lunch hours (half hours really) at work poring over my Illustrator’s Market book and decided which reps might suit me, and today I started browsing their websites and sending emails. I need to start looking for a better day job too, if I’m to save up for moving in with Marlo, and beyond. So please – any leads please send them my way!

Kodos and Zuul are pretty funny. They love the teenie bouncer and if I huck it down the hall they’ll both chase it and usually Kodos will get it and Zuul will just sit there almost as if to say “well I was going to get that.” They don’t really get too cozy with one another (although Zuul often smells Kodos’ bum as he walks by) but they play together sometimes and both sleep on the same bed. They were both even sitting on the big black chair as I was DMing tonight. So, that’s the kitty update.

I almost had a total party kill in D&D tonight. So that’s the dungeons AND the dragons update.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were feeling icky, but it sounds like the thought of movies and Max has revived you! As for the “So – who wants to be in a D&D movie?” Ooo, pick me! I can play the overaged gamer guy trolling about for hot gamer chicks!

    I’ll keep my ear open for job op’s for you, got to be something out there.


  2. “What’s a teenie bouncer?” Must resist the obvious smutty response…head hurting…near exploding…

    PS. Zuul lived on me during a recent cartoon night and was a serious sweetie!

  3. I know, it sounds totally perverted, right? That’s why I was wondering what it was, if the cats were chasing it!

    Zuul is super-friendly. She puts Kodos to shame in that category. However, Kodos is softer and heavier. We can’t all be good at everything, right?

  4. I am also curious about the teenie bouncer and where I might get one for my cats. They love chasing crap.

    For your throat – mix lemon, honey, hot water and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper for a tasty, soothing, decongesting beverage.

    I’m also willing to do movie stuff – I could be a woman who loves a gamer, and sometimes games herself but has never really “gotten” it. (The gaming, not “it”)

  5. You can get a teenie bouncer at any decent toy store. Probably Toy Box on 4th or Kids Market on Granville Island. Used to be able to get them in vending machines.

  6. Gargle with salt water (don’t swallow it) if you don’t have any lozenges in the house. An Aspirin will help, and my fav is an antiseptic throat spray. Drink lots of citrus bevs all year, and eat honey on your toast to stay healthy. We had our flu shots, but then we are old people, so need that extra bit of insurance. Love you…stay warm, and wear a raincoat.

  7. Ginger! Fresh sliced ginger in hot water with honey! They serve it in restaurants all over China. It’s delicious and nutritious.

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