My girlfriends back and you're gonna be in trouble

Marlo’s back! And her front is too! Yay! She brought me back some DVDs and some exotic snacks! They took up way too much space in her luggage and I love her. Already I’ve watched Singin’ in the Rain, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Revenge of the Sith, Beijing Bicycle, and Roman Holiday. Singin’ and Blondes were both gaudy Hollywood, but Singin’ is great fun. Blondes had its moments but I found Marilyn Monroe annoying. I think it’s a real zeitgeist thang. I mean she’s fine when she’s being natural but when she puts on her pouty “sultry” face it looks like key chunks of it are about to explode, leaving the rest to slough off and reveal a Hellraiser-like visage of blood and muscle. Roman Holiday was probably my favourite of the era. Finally a movie with the perfect ending. I was really surprised. There should be more Hollywood endings like that.

We took a taxi from the airport to Marlo’s and she unpacked her multiple bags full of the spoils of tourism. Then we went to Locus for breakfast, watched half a movie, had a nap, dinner at Greens & Gourmet where there was a mind-numbing rigmarole at the checkout, then visiting with the kitties, another movie, and sleepover. I shuffled my work schedule so I could spend both Monday and Tuesday with Mar-mar. Tuesday morning I make her a continental breakfast (meaning sparse and plain) and then we went shopping. I watched Sith while Marlo uploaded photos and internetted. Then she made me dinner and I came home to take photos of Nathan for a drawing. So that was Monday-Tuesday in a boring nutshell.

I had to cancel D&D tonight because in all the Marlovian excitement I had forgotten about an appointment to record voiceover for Stewie’s Sword of the Stars video game trailer. They had recorded everyone else they needed by me so I scootched in after work today.