The Veil @ Cinemuerte

I am enjoying the Real Ghostbusters weekend.

Tonight is the night of the big show. And I hope to heck the costumes are ready and that they fit.

Last night I got to see The Veil in its truncated version at Cinemuerte. There were 19 films shown altogether, about 3 or 4 of which were good. Many were so-so. A few were awful. One was worse than awful. Our film probably had the least blood of all of them, which I think says something about staying true to our given subgenre: Lovecraftian. I kind of wish that they didn’t give out the mandatory phrases and weapons. Ours were “This place is driving me batty” and “air.” Almost every film had to include pancakes as well, which made viewing over a dozen films with pancakes in them drudgery. Some of the other weapons were acid/chemicals or power tools. The SFU film club film was about four guys stuck in the woods, who resorted to cannibalism rather than eat the pancakes they had. They also just happened to have a jug of acid for some unexplained reason.

Anyway, we didn’t win any awards (of which I think there were 3 or 4), and I didn’t expect that we would given that there were two very funny films (their subgenre was “after school special”) and as Mike says, comedy often wins. Ours was the only period piece and I think it was among the most evocative and moody. I am really looking forward to seeing it expanded into a length that more suits the subject matter, which Mike says will take at least a couple weeks.

There was a Hallowe’en party at Mike’s later in the evening that Stewie reminded me about, and we brought Carina with us. Mike showed The Veil there and it went over well. Carina had lots of questions for him, and we all (Mike, Carina, Stewie, me) talked about our super secret Ghostbusters fan film project. I ate candy.

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  1. ahaha, that was ours. In one of the original scripts they were supposed to be stranded with nothing to eat but pancakes and vinegar (often considered synonymous/confused for acetic acid), which eventually drove them to cannibalism out of pure boredom. Either way, we had like half a dozen people arguing over what it was going to be about and wound up with 3 different scripts on the shooting day, so we just kindof smushed them together while shooting.

    Yours was pretty sweet. I was secretly hoping that it was going to have tentacle molestation or something, but I guess you decided to keep it classy.

    Yeah, I know this is a year late.

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