The Shadow Over Raincoast

Last night I started a D&D adventure with six guys I had never met before. They all came from the Vancouver Gaming Guild website forums. I like to suss out the local nerds. Maybe if things go well with some of them they might find their way into other campaigns/groups I run. I have been having trouble keeping a fifth PC in the Terak campaign. But so far, it’s too early to say with these blokes. They all seem pretty fun and interesting and swell to varying degrees.

This is also a playtest for my Feldsbridge adventure that I hope to have published. Theo is helping me work on it. It’s designed for four 5th-level characters but since I had six people it turned out to be six 4th-level characters – I’m not sure how that will skew the playtest results. I figured if two of them didn’t show, then we’d just bump up the four remaining guys to 5th level. But they did all show, and mostly on time too. One of them was killed in the very first encounter, which was a valuable learning experience for me. Some brought snacks but I am on my mostly-no-junk-food diet until this weekend. One brought his girlfriend who was drilling me about my artwork, which was fine, and keeping the cats occupied.

Marlo’s mom gave me a phone call today asking if I’d heard from her – in true mom fashion! In other mom news my parents head down to Mexico any day now. I thought she had already gone. Hasta luego, whatever that means.

There is a Hallowe’en party at work tomorrow. I’m going in but only for a few hours: I don’t want to miss The Veil showing. The food is pot luck but I’ll be damned if I’m going to go to the trouble. Plus, what the hell would I bring. Costuming is also encouraged, but if I do it will be something light and portable…and likely silly. Like one of my helmets or something. Maybe my lab coat and the brain-helmet that lights up. Sure, that’ll be fun.

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  1. Hey Toren…you might find this mildly amusing…I decided a couple of weeks ago to invite Mighty Cthulhu to come to our H party this year. So to that end I made him (yes he is slim for a Cthulhu but he’s full person sized and I think mayy just creep out one or two of my guests).

    Tell me whatcha think?

  2. Sweetness. Word on the street is that there will be a new Cthulhu outfit at the show this weekend. Bring yours and we’ll watch the battle

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