One Year of Torlo!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary for Marlo and me. We didn’t do anything special, and we didn’t even see each other, but we did talk on the teliophone, and Marlo sang me a little song on my answering machine. I knew it was an anniversary but I didn’t know if it was 11 months or what! So isn’t that exciting!

My birthday auction is going to be on the 17th of this month. I took a poll and the most amount of people were available on that day. Sorry everyone who can’t make it!

I went out to Chilliwack tonight for band practice. It was at 6pm but I thought it was at 7. Even so, I didn’t get there until 7:23 because of the traffic. Now I know there is no way to get to Chilliwack before 7pm on a weekday even if I do get off work 40 minutes early.
But we arranged another song, more or less finalized. This one’s called The Makening. We also tried out a new bass player. He’s very talkative and he’s an old acquaintance from Chilliwack named Carry. He didn’t get there until about 8 which left us with about 20 minutes for Jordan so that was a little disappointing but not too much, since we did spend the time before that writing.

We, the Thickets, officially have a show at the ANZA club on the 5th of October. Tell your friends! Tell EVERYONE!

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